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Future inc is a leading talent investor. We invest time and money in the world’s most talented and ambitious individuals, helping them find a co-founder, develop an idea and start a company. If this sounds like a good fit for your startup needs, get in touch today.


Reach your goals faster

Future Inc provides the platform, tools, data, content and advisors to help startup founders define their purpose and values, develop their core strengths. From this base we explore what’s happening around them, share knowledge, digitalize, build agility and incubate start-ups to innovate for the future.

This direction is then used to guide a fresh investment strategy, risk analysis, and revised company governance structures to ensure an engaged next generation and future-ready organisation.

Here are just some of the ways we can help your business gain traction, momentum and scale:

    At Future inc, you will get personal coaches who have backgrounds as entrepreneurs. The coaches have all built successful companies, raised venture capital, and sold companies. In addition, several of the coaches are themselves active investors.
    Our companies can get approximately 40 000 EUR from Future inc. We help you create the best conditions possible for raising capital.
    A startup’s success often depends on the strength of the team. As a Future inc. company, you get support from Future inc.’s creative talent management coaches that specialises in startups, and supports.
    When you are accepted to Future inc, you will have access to a very large network of business contacts, both South African and international, which Future inc. has built since 2008.
    What experiment can you run to validate or invalidate the assumptions, requiring the smallest amount of time and money?

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