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Colin Truter

Colin is a patent attorney and a director of Brian Bacon, Inc. He has three years’ experience as mechanical engineer in industry and 22 years’ experience in IP law – starting with training in a well-known South African IP firm and joining an IP boutique law firm in 2005.

His career in IP law has focussed mainly around protection of technological innovations for local and overseas clients, in local and overseas markets and his primary strength and passion lies in sober application of IP law to meet the business needs of innovators.

While his initial training was in mechanical engineering, he has practiced patent law in diverse technologies, including different engineering disciplines, but ranging also to software and biosciences.

“Creativity is key to success in a rapidly changing world and IP determines how creativity fits into business. No future-oriented business can afford to run roughshod over IP.”

South Africa, but working closely with associates in most industrialised countries

Pragmatic protection for technology

Cape Town